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From Eurostar25 to European Staffing

Eurostar25 is specialized in providing professional and personable staffing and recruiting services throughout Europe at all levels and with various expertise. Eurostar25 approaches the market with two main brands: European Talents, which mainly focuses on staffing and recruitment of high-level profiles and European Staffing, which helps you find the best match for all your operational, mid- and lower occupational profiles. The moment you start talking to us, you are taking the first step towards driving talented people with the right skills into your organisation. We have thorough expertise and understanding of the recruiting issues you are facing and we pride ourselves on our ability to match your needs precisely.

What makes us special?
European Staffing is a recruitment company unlike any other. We're not the only agency on the market these days, but we're probably the most passionate. We firmly believe that professionalism and personal touch can go hand in hand. We pride ourselves in making our employees feel at home, while at the same time providing our clients with the best possible match for their needs. Ultimately, we want you to concentrate on what you do best - run your business - while we supply you with the resources you need.